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giving people assurance in a changing world

At TIIN, we support customers in embracing change, overcoming new obstacles, and adapting to thrive. We give understanding that is unparalleled and confidence that grows through collaborating, developing deep insights, fusing top-notch technology and practical experience. for an evolving planet. on the horizon. for everybody.

Quick facts


We operate businesses in 94 nations and have a presence in each of the top 29 global business hubs.


There are 57,000 members of our team worldwide. People choose TIIN International Board.


Our offices are spread out over 670 locations in the Americas, Europe, MENA, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

About Service

TIIN is a global network of assurance, tax, and consulting experts that provides a wide range of professional services to support businesses in various sectors. With offices worldwide, TIIN operates as an integrated team, combining skills, insight, and resources to offer a client-centric approach based on a deep understanding of each client’s business. The aim is to empower clients to move forward with confidence and realize their full potential.

TIIN’s core services include audit and assurance, consulting, tax, risk advisory, IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), restructuring, transaction, and business and financial advisory solutions. In addition to these core services, TIIN also offers specialized services such as wealth management, IT consulting, legal advisory, forensic accounting, and human resource consulting.

As a long-term adviser, TIIN positions itself at the heart of the client’s business to provide effective support and advice. By gaining a deep understanding of every aspect of the client’s business, TIIN can respond with the right expertise and insights when needed. Regardless of the client’s location, TIIN ensures a seamless service by combining local knowledge with the global expertise of its senior professionals. The ultimate goal is to passionately support the client’s success and empower them to face the future confidently.

TIIN serves a wide range of clients, including growth-focused entrepreneurial businesses and leading multinational organizations operating nationally and internationally in various sectors.

Key principles and values of TIIN include:

  1. Focused on exceeding expectations: TIIN believes in going above and beyond to provide clients with more understanding, expertise, and confidence.

  2. Collaboration globally and locally: TIIN is committed to delivering consistent service to clients worldwide, combining local perspectives with global knowledge and insights to empower clients.

  3. Senior expertise, ideas, and insights: TIIN ensures that clients have access to the valuable knowledge and industry expertise of its most senior professionals. This allows clients, regardless of their size, to benefit from the latest thinking and relevant insights to tackle challenges with speed and agility.

Overall, TIIN strives to be a trusted partner for businesses, helping them better understand their operations, overcome challenges, and achieve their aspirations.

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