TIIN embraces leading ESG practices

Environmental, Social and Governance

Through initiatives that have a long-lasting effect on our coworkers and the communities in which we operate, TIIN develops the middle market leaders of tomorrow.

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Businesses must now more than ever take responsibility for and control over their effects on the environment, the communities in which they operate, their employees, and supplier chains. Regulators, investors, clients, the media, and other stakeholders are increasing their demands that businesses not only comprehend the impact they have, but also think carefully about how to report on it.

If companies want to succeed, they must evolve with the times, accept change as necessary, and assume responsibility for creating a sustainable and morally sound future. This may involve important programs for diversity and inclusion or environmental reporting. Success in the future depends on what is done today. As companies are increasingly held accountable for the impression they leave, advocating for and enacting constructive change is no longer a choice.

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