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Global Annual Review | 2022

TIIN's global expansion initiatives, governance, and strategic goals are listed in brief.

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Reflecting on 2022

Welcome to our Global Annual Review for 2022. This Review was designed to give readers insight into the activities of TIIN around the world, the factors that have fueled our growth, our business practices, and the positive influence we hope to have by living up to our brand promise, The Power of Being Understood.

An introduction from our CEO

In an era marked by turbulence and transformation, TIIN’s journey reflects the global business landscape. We find ourselves in a new age characterized by digital-first, data-driven technologies, evolving work approaches, and a strong emphasis on sustainability and purpose-driven action. Our clients and people have evolving expectations, requiring us to deliver seamless, personalized, and forward-thinking experiences and solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with expert human insights.

As the leading professional services provider to the global middle market, we have modernized our approaches, enhancing agility and resilience. We have embraced technologies to deepen our commitment to quality and trust, explored new services while refining existing offerings, and begun leveraging data and automated systems to empower our talented workforce. While we have experienced remarkable growth, we recognize that relying solely on past success is not enough to thrive in the future.

“Our mission is to empower our clients, colleagues, and communities, enabling confident decision-making. This is achieved by fostering collaborative relationships, deeply understanding their needs, and bringing innovative ideas and insights to their unique environments.”

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Jean M. Stephens, Chief Executive Officer, TIIN International

An expanding global organization is TIIN.

TIIN is the top provider of professional services to the middle market, with an emphasis on supporting globally conscious, growth-oriented businesses seeking solid, long-term partnerships.

At TIIN, we support customers in embracing change, overcoming new obstacles, and adapting to thrive.

Together, we can provide understanding that is unrivaled and confidence that grows. To do this, we collaborate, generate deep insights, and bring together top-notch technology and practical expertise.a world that is evolving.going forward.to all.

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Our goal is to become recognized on a global scale for providing reliable value and innovative solutions.

We prioritize four strategic drivers for our investments, operations, and efforts:

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Driving a culture and talent experience that is unparalleled and inclusive.

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Providing individualized, rich customer experiences and market-leading analytics.

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Promoting and adopting delivery models that are future-focused, digital, agile, and international.

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Industry-specific strategies, as well as attractive international goods and services.

An summary of the areas of interest for TIIN globally:

Making a Beneficial Impact

Quality at TIIN

A commitment to quality and unwavering honesty

Quality at TIIN

Global organizations, teams, and leadership groups of TIIN

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