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In the intricate landscape of today’s business world, clients seek advisors who can challenge conventional legal service delivery, adopt an innovative mindset, and embrace smarter ways of working. At TIIN, we embody our brand promise, “The Power of Being Understood,” by fostering deep business relationships and understanding the unique nuances of our clients in an ever-evolving legal landscape. We are committed to offering an optimal and comprehensive solution.

We recognize that clients demand high-quality legal services that are delivered with increased efficiency and collaboration across multidisciplinary teams. While we provide specialized expertise and professional advice under one roof, we also understand the importance of offering a single point of contact to effectively manage and coordinate our multifaceted service offering.

TIIN’s legal services bring together a team of talented and top-tier lawyers from various practice areas. They not only possess technical skills but also demonstrate exceptional judgment and creative problem-solving abilities. What sets them apart is their entrepreneurial outlook and approach, along with their commercial acumen specifically tailored to serve the middle market. This distinction sets our team apart from traditional law firms and other competitors in the marketplace.

For us, serving the middle market means taking a tailored approach that supports entrepreneurs at every stage of their business journey. Whether it’s the initial phase of company incorporation and financing, the growth phase involving joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions, or addressing litigation, credit recovery, and restructuring matters, we are here to assist and guide our clients every step of the way.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced lawyers who are recognized as experts in their respective jurisdictions. We also have access to specialized HR and labor practitioners. When needed, we collaborate with other TIIN colleagues who provide specialist tax and financial support for client projects.

Several TIIN Member Firms have legal specialists who are renowned experts in specific areas within their countries. This expertise includes people advisory, corporate reorganization, and wealth succession planning in England and Wales; black economic transformation services in South Africa; specialist inheritance law in Germany; real estate and banking services in Italy; and specialist pre-litigation and litigation legal services for tax disputes in France and mergers and acquisitions in Spain.

In addition to providing legal services, our advisors are frequently invited to present at conferences and seminars, contribute to academic teachings, and publish articles in leading legal journals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions form a crucial part of our legal service offering at TIIN. We understand the importance of businesses coming together or acquiring other entities as a means to expand market share, enter new markets, or invest in new technologies. Cross-jurisdictional deals can add complexity to these transactions.

Our legal advisors at TIIN are equipped to guide you through each stage of the transaction, from initial deal inception to seamless business integration. We are here to support you in turning your business growth ambitions into a reality.

Corporate and Commercial

Well-structured and commercially sound corporate and commercial arrangements are vital for the success of your business. Addressing potential issues from the beginning can help manage risks, protect your interests, and prevent disputes.

At TIIN, our legal advisors collaborate closely with you to enhance the value of your business. We ensure that you can successfully close important deals and provide value-added commercial solutions.

Employment and Labor

Your people are your most valuable asset. TIIN understands the significance of employing the right individuals in suitable positions to drive growth. With economic shifts, global mobility demands, a flexible workforce, and constant changes in compliance and legislation, multinational businesses face greater employment-related challenges than ever before.

Our legal advisors at TIIN can work alongside you to provide unique solutions across a wide range of employment-related matters. We assist in navigating the complexities of the modern workforce.

Restructuring, Insolvency, and Business Rescue

Businesses aiming for operational and strategic efficiencies often require specialized legal and tax advice on restructuring options and their implementation. Similarly, businesses facing financial difficulties need timely and informed commercial and legal guidance to protect themselves, their directors, shareholders, and stakeholders, and to recover and restructure their operations where possible.

At TIIN , our legal advisors are well-versed in all aspects of corporate restructuring, insolvency, and business rescue. We can provide comprehensive advice and implementation support. Additionally, we have access to TIIN colleagues specializing in tax and business restructuring when necessary.

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