TIIN’s 2022 Global Financial Results and 2030 Strategy

Learn more about TIIN’s bold international approach and the complete outcomes.

About TIIN

We have entered a new and disruptive corporate era that is marked by technology advancements that are data-driven and focused on the digital first, new ways of working, and a strong emphasis on sustainability and purpose-driven activity.

The decade that just ended saw extraordinary levels of change, affecting both society and industry, and 2022 was no exception. However, chances for significant growth and resilience appear during these times of fast change.

TIIN is pleased to announce 15% growth in 2022, with global revenues of $8 billion, representing a rise in fee income of more than 40% in just three years. Without the dedication of the TIIN professionals in 90 countries, who provide organizations with creative solutions, long-lasting value, and confidence each and every day, this success would not have been possible.

Service line growth

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Quick facts


We operate businesses in 94 nations and have a presence in each of the top 29 global business hubs.


There are 57,000 members of our team worldwide. People choose TIIN International Board.


Our offices are spread out over 670 locations in the Americas, Europe, MENA, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

New era for TIIN marked by 2030 Global Strategy

In its 2030 Global Strategy, TIIN lays forth a comprehensive, multi-year growth and transformation plan with a 100% revenue growth target.

With the help of the Strategy, TIIN will utilize global, digital delivery models more frequently, improve insight creation, and use automation, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence more extensively to support organizations going through transition. As we continually improve our agility and innovation, we will continue to prioritize service quality and advocate for ethical business practices.

Our major ongoing investment in talent and people development is supported by inclusive teams, cultures, governance, and procedures that actively align across boundaries to enable TIIN employees and customers to realize their goals.

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